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Eye Mask Writers Garden


Writers Garden Limited Edition Print - Eye Mask

Tonic are known for our beautiful floral prints & we have released a capsule collection of limited edition prints. Our gorgeous new Writer’s Garden floral print includes our Eye Mask. An affordable, natural way to help get to sleep faster & stay asleep longer. Made with 100% cotton front and satin back for comfort and to alleviate any potential eye irritation. Tonic eye masks have a comfortable elasticised satin strap to hold you mask comfortably & securely in place. Ensure you get your best sleep possible by keeping all light away from your eyes to create the perfect sleep environment.

Tonic eye masks are also the perfect travel companion. Light and easy to take on the plane, wear it in conjunction with a set of ear plugs to block out unwanted noise. Now you can enjoy your destination from the moment you land.

Directions for Use:
Place your eye mask gently over your eyes and put the elasticated strap behind your head.

Dimensions: 10 × 2 × 20 cm
Weight: 40g

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